About Me

During my anthropology studies, professors always stressed that half of our job is good writing. It was just that it was not the kind of writing I wanted to do. Nor did it allow me to showcase my knack for content marketing and community building.

I have been working as a professional writer for the past 5 years and as a content marketer for almost 4 years now, specializing in cybersecurity. My social science and art background has helped me to incorporate a human-centric perspective in exploring cybersecurity topics and the movers and shakers behind it.

During my career I've helped companies spearhead community building campaigns on both social media (primarly Twitter as #infosec Twitter is its own category) and in blog writing, email marketing and influencer marketing. 

I have worked and led various content marketing and writing projects, including:

- Blog posts

- Long form articles

- Email copy

- Website copy

- White papers

- Interviews (interview series and its style I've lead with some of the biggest names in infosec is my pride and joy)

- Press releases

- Webinars

- Social media strategy and copy

- Internal communications and team building

- Security awareness training

Most of my work has been ghostwritten so appropriate links to published work are not available to public. This is why I am always more than happy to provide test work if the topic at hand is not covered in my portfolio.